The maasai people

Maasai people tribe

On your journey in Tanzania, you will most likely meet the tall, slender built and colorful dressed people of the Maasai tribe. This nomadic people still very much live by their old traditions, herding cattle and goats, and living on a diet based on milk, blood and meat from their herds.

In the north of Tanzania there are many established tourist culture villages, but many find them too touristic. We will always do our best to include the more genuine and authentic experience when we introduce you and your fellow travelers to these pastoralist and proud warriors, for many one of the most known ethnic groups in Africa.

Upon your wishes and desires, it is possible to set up your travel with us to include visits, even overnight, at a real Maasai “Boma” – their name for the family’s set of cow dung huts, to really get under the skin of their culture and lifestyle.