diving fishes

True dive enthusiasts are also often experts in geography because the most exotic diving sites are often hidden in some of the worlds less known destinations. Even though, Zanzibar and the Mnemba Attoll is maybe one of the most known destinations in the diving community. Known as the capitol of tropical fish in East Africa. You may dive drifting or exploring the amazing underwater mountains. If you are an experienced diver, or you want to go to Zanzibar to learn about diving, we can cater for any level of experience.

Many of Zanzibar’s hotels have in house dive centers, and we know how to advice you the right hotel and dive center according to what your group would like. Maybe only some of the travelers like to dive, while the others like to stay on shore sunbathing. Or maybe they want to join out on the boat, but only for snorkeling, or for the boat trip? We can cater for your needs!