Horse safari

You will never forget riding side by side Zebras and giraffes on the African savannah, with a spectacular view of the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro.

Let us take you on a horse safari from tree to ten days out in the wild. Every night you sleep in a tented camp, set up by the staff, transported by a support vehicle while you are out exploring the wild riding the horses’ western style, with one hand, to be able to take pictures with your free hand.

You will see the animals and the nature from a unique angle. There are different trips to fit your skilled level. For the unexperienced once we offer a shorter package, while the more experienced can go for a longer trip where you also may be so lucky to see the lions and other carnivore, from a safe distance.

Even Zanzibar offer riding experiences. Book our popular sunset ride on the beach of Zanzibar here…