Tailor Made Adventures

If you want a good vacation, planning is the essential thing. Not everybody have the time to do that, that is why we have made some special package trips that may fit for most people.

If you are reading this I hope that I can convince you to tailor make your own trip, together with me, with my local knowledge, and your private knowledge. You are the one who know yourself, your family/friends. Together we can make the trip that will give you all the most amazing experience.

I want to do this together with you, but as I already mentioned, this takes some time. You must let me get to know you, and the people you will be travelling with, by telling me about them, what are the interests, what are your thoughts and purpose for this trip, and so on.

We will give you a lot if ideas. Some you will like a little, others you will feel are the perfect thing for you. We will work together until every day of your trip is planned to be as perfect as possible. This does not mean that everything must be planned in detail, because that may take the fun out of your trip, but at least the big details, like where to go, where to sleep, and how to get there.

We want to give all our guests a unique experience of Tanzania. Your adventure is in our mind from the minute we start communicating. In the planning process it will be spoken a lot about, within the company, and the details will also be planned together with the safari drivers who are the experts in the field, to be sure that you get our best service, and the best planned trip.

We want you to get the most unique and amazing adventure that you will never forget.

Remember: the best thing we can do to grow as a company is to make your trip unforgettable, so that you will go home and remember us when you have friends who also want to experience the real Africa.