Culture Trips

If you have been travelling in Africa before coming to Tanzania, you’ll meet a somehow different culture and lifestyle here. You will meet a country without tribalism and rivalry like in the neighboring countries.

Tanzania is full of history and culture; you might choose to visit the Stone Age findings in Isimila, Iringa, or the Kolo paintings, ancient rock paintings south of Tarangire National Park.


The people you meet, from one of the 120 tribes in the country, or from the small but economical significant numbers of Asians and Arabs, will all do they best to teach you the importance of greetings and respect, which for all Tanzanians are highly occupied with for all everyday life.

After only few days of your visit here or even hours, you’ll probably have some new “brothers” or “sisters” here – Tanzanians have a very extended, including and sharing family perspectives. You’ll find that although many are poor, few are starving, and the little they have, they will gladly share with you.

Handshakes are a part of greeting, and you’ll get a strange feeling in the beginning when your new brother keeps holding your hand throughout a good portion of your conversation.

See some of our examples to a cultural trip in Tanzania or send us an e-mail about what you like to experience.

Cultural Safari

5 Days Safari to Selous


Starting your trip from Dar es Salaam, Selous Game Reserve is a natural safari destination. Selous is the only place you can combine a normal safari by car with boat and walking safari. This is making your safari experience complete. Also, this trip is including the village life tour for getting closer to the local culture.

Horse Safari

Kilimanjaro Elephant Ride


In the footsteps of the greatest mammal on earth, the elephant…