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You may already have decided to travel to Tanzania, so then you have new questions popping up. Here you get information about how and when to pay, currency, how to get here and what is included in the price. When your ticket is already booked you can fill in your travel details here.

These terms and conditions are between clients and Reis Med Tungland AS when you book an “Adventure” with Paka Adventures.
What is included in your trip
More information about what is included or excluded in your trip, other tips and accomodation specifications.
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The local currency in Tanzania is Tanzanian Shillings (TZS). It is mostly used in shops, while USD is the tourism currency.
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When you travel with us, you always book your own flights while we take care of the domestic flights, and other transport while you are here.
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Learn more about your travel: all details about your trip, reservations, experiences and itinerary.
We invoice with our bank details to our bank in Norway.