Beach Guide

Azure Blue Ocean, white sand, and kilometers after kilometers of beaches – this is most likely included in your dream journey to Tanzania.

The whole coast, from Mozambique in the south to Kenya in the north, has stretches of glittering sandy beaches all over. And not to forget, the Mafia Island and the two islands of Zanzibar, Unguja and Pemba, who have some of the most spectacular beach life possibilities in the world to offer you!

The Indian Ocean along the whole eastern border of Tanzania, with its famous or mystical islands, and all the beaches, fishing villages and all activities offered, should really be considered for a more relaxing part of your visit to Tanzania.
Before, after or in between your wildlife adventures, or your mountain hiking, we really recommend you to have some extraordinary days by the sea!

Lighthouse Beach Lodge

We will of course recommend you to visit our own treasure – The Lighthouse Beach Resort – a rustic, naturally built beach resort only 40 km south of Dar es Salaam. Often this can be a good “base camp” for relaxing between your adventures, your “home away from home”!

Located on top of the cliffs over a 2,5 km long white sandy beach, with a breeze from the ocean, and a mix of double rooms and family bungalows. A fantastic 360° view rooftop veranda, for relaxation and sunsets, MV Mustajaba bar and our restaurant serving you mouthwatering meals, prepared the way you like it!


When you disembark from the ferry or the plane who brought you to the island, is the start of a journey passing through centuries of different culture, but it is also a journey with unforgettable impressions, from people, architecture, and for sure the nature as well as the wonders of the ocean!


In the shadow of its more famous neighbor in the south, Pemba is waiting for the more adventurous travelers. The island has a lot less tourist visiting than Unguja, the other Zanzibar Island, but its visitors are rarely disappointed!

Mafia Island

The mystical and enchanting island, surrounded by corals and glittering white sandbanks, and azure blue ocean as far as your eyes can reach!