Stretches of white beaches, azure blue water and diver’s paradise! Zanzibar is both magnificent above and below the ocean as well as it has a long history. This exotic spice island will stand up to your expectations.

Zanzibar is a historic group of Islands and has for centuries been an important part of the East African trade and in the past as hub for the slave trade. Zanzibar is divided into two main islands, Pemba and Unguja. Pemba North in the archipelago and is less well known, while the main island of Unguja is that tourists call Zanzibar.

For you who have always wanted to travel to Zanzibar for the long golden white beaches you will find the best ones at the North of the island, but please note that it might be shallow waters, and a lot of tourists enjoying in the same area.


On the northeastern coast, Matemwe is situated, and many of our travelers like it better here as then they also want to be close to the culture and villages, especially those travelling with children can go a trip to the village and play football with the local children.

The East Coast is known for its extreme the tidal differences, and on low tide, you will go a long way out of the beach before you get wet on your legs, but it is very good to go swimming at the high tide, which is also good for the various water sports in the area – especially in Paje.

South Zanzibar there are less touristic and both on South East and on South West beach areas of the island, we have some wonderful intimate lodges for you to enjoy your honeymoon, or a very special holiday journey, and would like a lodge feeling versus hotel experience.

In Stone Town, we recommend also to have a night or two for those who want to feel the vibrant Swahili culture.

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A beach lodge, away from other tourists, the wonders of the sea, and the historical Stone Town… This is your chance. Just click on the trip and see what suggestion.