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Western Circuit

Western Tanzania is the least visited part of Tanzania but perhaps the most interesting for travellers with a sense of adventures and it's also where you can see chimpanzees in their natural habitat.

Photo: Ian Oakes

The most wild, and unspoiled national park are also here, Katavi can give you the ultimate wilderness experience. There are two parks you can see chimpanzees, but note that children under 10 are usually not allowed to track these primates.

You should budget at least 6 days to visit western Tanzania's parks.


Rubondo Island National Park

By visiting this small national park, you will have a completely different adventure than the more “regular” parks. In the southwest corner of Lake Victoria, the world's second-largest lake, an inland sea sprawling between Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, you can make this island a part of your journey and adventures during your visit in Tanzania.


Gombe Stream National Park

By the steep slopes and river valleys that hem the sandy northern shore of Lake Tanganyika is where you can find the remote and fragile strip of chimpanzee habitat called Gombe Stream National Park. Gombe is the smallest of Tanzania’s national parks.


Mahale Mountains National Park

Azure blue waters, sandy beaches, mountains, rainforest and exotic wildlife – all in one! When you travel all the way to Mahale Mountains, you really should combine your trip with remote and secluded Katavi National Park, some of the most unspoiled and untamed wilderness in Africa.


Katavi National Park

Katavi National Park – of the beaten track, the untouched and real wilderness, just as Africa must have been a century ago. Katavi is the natural home for a lot of hippos, and crocodiles, as well as lions, because with the big concentration of antelopes the flood plains are full of easy catching food.


Kitulo National Park

If you in between your wildlife adventures like to have a change of scenery, then Kitulo is indeed a rare botanical marvel, home to a full 350 species of vascular plants, including 45 varieties of terrestrial orchid, which erupt into a riotous wildflower display of breathtaking scale and diversity during the main rainy season of late November to April.


Mahale Mountains NP

Photos by Ian Oakes

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