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Southern Circuit

If you want a real bush experience, then you should include some of the parks in the Southern Circuit in your itinerary. Here you can spend more time in “private” with the wild animals of Africa.


Most safaris in Tanzania include parks in the north of the country like Serengeti and the Ngorongoro crater. But Tanzania's southern parks are more of the right choice for you, if you want to travel of the beaten tracks, into the real wilderness, and get a feeling of how the real authentic Africa was like. The southern national parks offer a truly wild experience.

If you're flying into Dar es Salaam, Mikumi National Park is easily accessible by road. Gigantic Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park, the home of giant elephants and predators, are also accessible by road or small planes.


Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve as one of the world’s largest protected wildlife areas, larger than Belgium, should be on your destination list if you want to combine extraordinary wildlife, boat safari on the famous Rufiji River and a fantastic nature.


Mikumi National Park

If you have chosen the Southern circuit for your adventure safari, then a visit to Tanzania’s fourth largest national park, Mikumi is likely to be on your program. 4 to 5 hours drive on comfortable roads will take you to this park which have most of the wildlife available, and are most known for many of Tanzania’s national animal, the giraffe.


Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Udzungwa Mountains National Park is one of the most special wilderness areas in Tanzania. The ancient rainforest will show you several species witch are unique to the area, such as the Iringa red colobus and the Sanje crested mangabey monkeys. Your hike here will show you a magnitude of nature, primates, birds, butterflies, and you get an impression about what these forests mean to research and to traditional medicine.


Ruaha National Park

The game viewing starts the moment the plane touches down or when you enter the park in our safari vehicle. A giraffe races beside you, all legs and neck, yet oddly elegant in its awkwardness. A line of zebras parades across the runway in the giraffe's wake. In the distance, beneath a bulbous baobab tree, a few representatives of Ruaha's 10,000 elephants - the largest population of any East African national park, form a protective huddle around their young.

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