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Places to see

During your journey with us through Tanzania, or parts of it, you always have the opportunity to visit unique, exciting and somehow different sites that differ from the normal tourist programs.

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What about a boat trip on Lake Tanganyika in ancient steam ship MV Liemba, or spending a day sneaking into Amboni Caves outside Tanga town? There are a lot of extraordinary options to enhance your cultural, natural and historical insights in between wildlife watching and beach pleasures.

Chumbe Island Coral Park

This uninhabited island outside Zanzibar has an exceptional shallow-water coral reef in excellent condition and abundant fish life. Acclaimed from many, included UN for the initiative of ecotourism and local environmental education programs.


Bagamoyo if translated from Swahili is said to mean “shattered heart” – the point of no return or escape for the slaves.

Amboni Caves

If you like “caving” – a trip to East Africa’s most extensive cave systems is worth to explore. The limestone caves are home to thousands of bats, so make sure you wear proper footwear.

Mkuru Camel Camp

What about a camel safari? At Mkuru Camel Camp you can do camel safaris ranging from a half day to several days, or climb nearby Ol Doinyo Landaree Mountain, close to Arusha National Park.

Lake Eyasi

Visiting Lake Eyasi will take you to the land of the Hadzabe people, a dry and hot area where these hunters and gatherers are believed to have lived for over 10,000 years.

Kolo-Kondoa Rock Paintings

The most impressive and maybe most overlooked collection of ancient rock paintings on the African continent.

Mtera Reservoir

If you would like a mix of fishing, angling for Tiger fish and Tilapia, and cultural tourism, Mtera north of Iringa might be a good option.

Kalambo Falls

If you look for a spectacular nature adventure, given little or no attention in most guide books, a visit to Kalambo Falls in the southern end of Lake Tanganyika should be considered.

Kilwa Kisiwani Ruins

A visit today will show you a quiet fishing village where there between 975 and 1842 have been different trading centres, sultanates and fortresses built by different nationalities, like Portuguese and Omani.

Lake Tanganyika

By visiting the world’s longest (670km) and second deepest (over 1400m) fresh water lake, you have a multitude of adventures to explore. 

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