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Mount Meru

The Waarusha people’s sacred volcano, having a perfect conical shape that was formed by volcanic activities upon the creation of The Rift Valley about a quarter of a million years ago.


The Waarusha preformed animal sacrifices on the slopes of the sacred mountain, but it’s not likely that they ever climbed to the top.


  • Tanzanias second highest mountain 4.566 m above sea level
  • Africa’s fifth highest mountain
  • Some eruptions within the last 100 years have produced the ash cone
  • Located inside Arusha National Park


The mountain was first “discovered” by Europeans in 1862, and was probably first conquered by Carl Uhlig in 1901, or by Fritz Jaeger in 1904. Mount Meru receives far less hikers than the big cousin, Mount Kilimanjaro, but is a popular acclimatization trek before undertaking “The roof of Africa”.

Nature and wildlife

The vegetation zones are similar to the ones of Kilimanjaro, with grasslands and lush forest on the lower slopes followed by a thrilling and exhilarating knife edge on the crater rim above the 1500 m high inner walls below the summit.

More then 400 species of animals and birds make their home at the slopes of Mount Meru. Thus all trekking here have to be accompanied by an armed ranger.

Elephant, buffalo, baboon, warthog, duiker and black- and white colobus monkeys are amongst the wildlife registered here.

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