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Mafia Island

The mystical and enchanting island, surrounded by corals and glittering white sandbanks, and azure blue ocean as far as your eyes can reach!

Photo: Matt Kieffer

A 30 minutes flight from Dar es Salaam, or an "adventurous" boat trip from one of the fishing villages close to the Rufiji delta, will take you to a "gem-stone" in the Indian Ocean.

Covered with coconut palms, fantastic beaches and luxury hotels, Mafia Island are for those who like to see, and visit something unique.

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This Island has about 50.000 inhabitants, and is 48 km long and only 17 km wide at its widest. But for many visitors it's what you don't see who tempts them to come to Mafia.

Snorkelling and scuba diving - makes Mafia a paradise both above and under water!

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