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Lake Tanganyika

By visiting the world’s longest (670km) and second deepest (over 1400m) fresh water lake, you have a multitude of adventures to explore.

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Both Chimpanzee national parks are located along the shores, Gombe Streams and Mahale Mountains, or maybe a real adventurous wildlife safari to the remote and unspoiled wilderness of Katavi National Park.

The best way to experience the culture and day to day life along Lake Tanganyika is if you dare to take some days travelling by boat, the MV Liemba (wiki).

This 1300-tonne steamship, built in Germany in 1913, then brought to Lake Tanganyika in pieces for assembly and to be used for armed troops transport. Scuttled in September 1916 during WW1, but salvaged and restored in 1924.

A journey onboard, maybe in one of the first class cabins, will give you memorable moments – gorgeous sunsets over Congo’s eastern highlands, the culture and activities in the port villages, and all the odd shaped boats coming when docking offshore, with passengers, luggage and cargo from the nearest villages.

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