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Kalambo Falls

If you look for a spectacular nature adventure, given little or no attention in most guide books, a visit to Kalambo Falls in the southern end of Lake Tanganyika should be considered.

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Not only is it a breathtaking 215 m plunge down the Rift Valley escarpment, but also the breeding ground for the giant Marabou Stork. This is Africa’s second largest single-drop waterfall.

You will also endure a wonderful 4 hour hike each way, passing sites of great archaeological importance; 300.000 year old Stone age tools have been found together with some of the oldest evidence of the use of wood at building material, dated back about 60.000 years.

A visit to Kalambo Falls can be combined with a journey on Lake Tanganyika with the MV Liemba or MV Mwongozo, or visits to the national parks in the Western Circuit.

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