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On the route to Ruaha National Park, or as a stopover going to Mbeya and the south western parts of Tanzania, Iringa will give you a pleasant and comfortable memory from your journey.

Photo: Noel Feans

Situated amongst bare and jagged hills, with streets lined by jacarandas, overlooking the Little Ruaha River Valley – you will enjoy the cool climate at 1600 m altitude, and the relaxing atmosphere the city provide.

Iringa was initially built by the Germans as a defence post against the Hehe people, known from the Maji Maji uprising between 1905 and 1907. On your walk through town, you will get several reminders from these historic events.

You will se the streets of the German built quarter around close to the market, which have tables piling high with fruits and vegetables, in addition to local made Iringa baskets and a multitude of other wares. Neema Crafts Workshop, selling beautiful handicrafts made by deaf or disabled youth from the area, is a definite must on your shopping round.


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When in Iringa a visit to Isimila, one of Africa’s richest Stone Age sites, should be included. In addition to thousands of more than 60.000 year old stone tools, Isimila have the scenery of small but spectacular canyons studded with bizarrely eroded sandstone needles in colourful pink or orange. This site is about 20 km southwest of Iringa.

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