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Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam – Haven of Peace, here you will visit one of the mayor harbours cities in East Africa. It is Tanzania’s commercial capital, and a fast growing city offering all you as a traveller can possibly want. If you want a taste of pulsating nightlife, beaches, sunbathing on the islands, romantic restaurants or shopping, both in traditional markets or in western style shopping mall’s, make sure to set aside some days to explore Dar es Salaam.

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Before 1860, when Sultan Sayyid Majid of Zanzibar named the till then small fishing village Dar es Salaam, to develop a harbour for the mainland, this area were somehow anonymous.

Before completing, the Sultan died, and the harbour of Bagamoyo overshadowed Dar es Salaam, and it sunk back into quietness. In the 1880s the significance of Dar es Salaam started to grow. First as a way-station for missionaries, then as a seat for the German colonial government and also as a harbour for their steam ships.

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This hectic city, with its traffic jams and endless rows of commuters, offer you as guest a row of sights and activities. You can do cultural sightseeing, visiting the National Museum with its famous fossils from Olduvai Gorge, and the Village Museum with its collection of authentic constructed traditional cottages from the different tribes and areas of the country.

This combined with The Botanical Garden, the fish market at Kivukoni Front and the State House give you a good full day city tour, with a good traditional lunch or some shopping in addition.

The north side of the town gives you the best beaches, with possibility to visit “waterworlds” or to take a day at one of the island marine parks, with diving, snorkelling and water activities.

For the real shopping, you should go to the “musts” – The woodcarver marked at Mwenge with hundreds of thousands of ebony sculptures, or similar more legal wood sorts. Another must, is Morogoro Stores and the Tinga Tinga painters marked at the Msasani Peninsula.

Local markets are all over, we will adjust our suggestions to your needs, the temperature and program.

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