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City life

In between all of your adventurous travel in Tanzania’s wilderness and to the beach paradises, you can enjoy some hospitality and culture in one or several of the major cities.

Photo: Noel Feans

The span in from Dar es Salaam with pulsating nightlife, awful rush hours and millions of inhabitants to the mountain coolness and relaxed rural life in Iringa town.

But wherever you choose, you will leave with good memories and an enriched soul after the welcoming friendliness you get from the people on your way.


Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam – Haven of Peace, here you will visit one of the mayor harbours cities in East Africa. It is Tanzania’s commercial capitol, and a fast growing city offering all you as a traveller can possibly want. If you want a taste of pulsating nightlife, beaches, sunbathing on the islands, romantic restaurants or shopping, both in traditional markets or in western style shopping mall’s, make sure to set aside some days to explore Dar es Salaam.


Arusha town – the blooming starting point to the famous Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater and Mount Kilimanjaro as a few of your options, will usually be a part of your northern Tanzania adventures, if this is the sites you choose to visit.


Surrounded by hills with enormous boulders, and set on the shore of Lake Victoria, is Mwanza, Tanzania’s second largest city. The home area of the country’s largest ethnical group, the Sukuma, and the economical heart of the lake region Mwanza is a busy port and the starting point if you want to visit Rubondo Island National Park. It’s also a good alternative for starting or ending your Serengeti wildlife adventure.


Visiting the city of Tanga, gets you to the Indian Ocean, near the border to Kenya. Tanzania’s third largest town will show you a refreshingly relaxing and laid-back friendly environment, surprisingly safe although its size and the fact that Tanga has the country’s second largest port.


“I found a walled town on the western foot of the Uluguru Mountains, with its fine valley abundantly beautiful, watered by two rivers, and several pellucid streams of water distilled by the dew and cloud-enriched heights around”was the description from Henry Morton Stanley, when he passed Morogoro en route to his historic encounter with Dr. Livingstone.


On the route to Ruaha National Park, or as a stopover going to Mbeya and the south western parts of Tanzania, Iringa will give you a pleasant and comfortable memory from your journey.

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