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Bagamoyo - the coastal town north of Dar es Salaam offering the history of the slave routes, a peaceful athmosphere and relaxation on one of the many beach resorts.


Photo: Matt Kiefer

The name Bagamoyo are said to mean one of two; either way the name comes from the two words bwaga and moyo. Bwaga can be traslated into to put or throw down, moyo means heart.

If the name comes from the slaves, it would traslated mean "chrush your heart" - for now as they were boarding the ships sailing for the slave marked all hopes of escaping and return home were gone. This small town, and its port, was the major goal for all the slave caravans to reach from the deep inlands.

Or the name remains from the trade caravan porters arriving at the coast after exhausting jouneys to the interior - "lay down the burden of your heart" - an expression of relief.

Both a historical site and a beach holiday area, Bagamoyo can be visited on a daytrip from Dar es Salaam, but offer good choices if you want to stay some days.

Combine the pleasures from the Indian Ocean with the historic sites of the Old Arab Fort, the museum at the Roman Catholic Mission and the Kaole ruins – the first port in East Africa.

A visit to the crocodile farm could also be worthwile.

Bagamoyo is the arts capitol of Tanzania, and every year in September there is a weeklong festival displaying arts, music dance and drama. Check for more info here!

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