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Medical Evacuation

To improve the safety for our guests and to make sure to always be able to give them the best medical evacuation in case of accidents or heath problems, we will provide medical evacuation in cooperation with AMREF - Flying doctors!


All package - and safari guests booking with Paka Adventures will be given this extra insurance free of charge as a part of our services.

Our guests all will be covered for the duration of their stay in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar.

AMREF Flying Doctors' air ambulances are used to transport patients in serious medical conditions where evacuation via ground ambulance is not possible.

To save precious time dealing with travel insurance companies, we choose to evacuate as quick as possible. AMREF Flying Doctors responds without delay. While the client is in their care they contact the insurance company and deal with the paperwork.

AMREF Flying Doctors' air ambulances are fitted life saving equipment with to respond to medical emergencies, including intensive care cases.

Depending on the medical case, the aircraft may be fitted with the following:

  • Cardiac monitor, recorder and defibrillator (Liefpac10, Zoll-M Series, Siemens)
  • Ventilators (Draeger Oxylog 2000, Oxylog 3000, Siemens Servo 300)
  • Pulse Oximeters (Nonin)
  • Automated sphygmanometer (CAS Medical Systems)
  • Automatic suction units (Laerdal Standard)
  • Scoop stretchers and full body size, vacuum mattresses
  • Slow infusion pumps (Fresenius and Braun)
  • Endotracheal intubation equipment
  • Chest drainage equipment
  • Traction splints & neck collars
  • Kendrick extrication device
  • Neonatal transport incubator
  • Paediatric and neonatal resuscitation equipment
  • Paediatric Broselow tape and bag
  • Oxygen masks with non-rebreather reservoirs
  • Airways and nasal cannulae
  • Intravenous fluids (crystalloids, colloids)
  • I-Stat handheld laboratory
  • Current ACLS medications; Snake Antivenom


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