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Good preparations are essential for a good experience travelling to Tanzania. If you are in the progress of deciding if you are going to travel, or if you already decided that you are going to travel to Tanzania, this may give you some good advices.

Some get good travel insurance if they pay their ticket with credit card. Check with your card issuer.

Make sure you check your passport that it is valid more than six months after the date you return from Tanzania, if not you will not be accepted.

You buy your visa at the airport when you reach Tanzania. Price is $ 50, unless you are American or Irish, then you pay $ 100.

Lonely Planet for Tanzania or East Africa:
This is of good help when you want to plan you travel, or even when you are here. You can get it in most book shops, even online. You may also get it in Tanzania.

Check with your local vaccine clinic, they can tell you what vaccines you need. Make sure you take all shots more than three weeks before you start your journey.

Anti-malaria tablets:
There are different anti-malaria tablets. We only recommend Malarone, since Lariam have been on the market for to long time so the mosquitoes have change and many of them are now resistant to the Lariam. Also note that Lariam is giving bad side effects.

Mosquito repellent:
This is the most important thing for making sure that you do not get malaria. In addition it is helping a lot to make sure you do not get all this annoying and itching mosquito bites.

Vaccination card:
This is a good thing to bring, especially if you have a stamp in your passport from a country that have yellow fever.

Check that you have enough of your regular medications, contact lenses and accessories, and so on, for your whole trip – I am sure you do not want to use your vacation time trying to find this here in Tanzania. But make sure you get this in good time before departure, so you do not need to stress about it.

Other medication:
There are good pharmacies, hospital and doctors in town, so unless you want to bring something special for you safari out of town, you should not need to bring any other medications.

Travel insurance:
Make sure you are covered all the time you will be in Tanzania.

Sun lotion 50-60
You need the highest protection if you have a light skin and you want to use a lot of time in the sun.

Sun lotion minimum 20-60 for daily use:
You do not want to destroy your vacation by being sunburned. It is too painful!

You need them to be as new as possible!!! $100 bills older than 2006 is of no value in this country.

Small or big dollar bills:
Many internet pages are advising to bring a lot of small dollars; we do NOT recommend that since the small dollars are of less value. Use local currency, or pay with the big bills.

This is the safest and best place to get money. You only get local currency; but that is the only thing you need. The ATM takes most Visa, Visa Electron and Master Card.

General information about money:
The local currency is Tanzanian Shilling. At present, you get 2175 shilling per $1.

Other ways to pay:
In some hotels you can pay with your credit card, but they usually add a 5 % service charge.

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