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About Paka Adventures Ltd.

Photo: Gopal Vijayaraghavan

Paka Adventures Ltd. is a new but fast growing company. Operated by Norwegians with good help from Tanzanian partners and the local employees.

Paka Adventure is divided into two parts – the safari part and our very own beach paradise - Lighthouse Beach Lodge.

The managers Eivind and Helene have been living in the country since the end of 2007 but travelling Tanzania since the millennium. Good friends are the ground pillar for the success of this company. 

The Paka People

Even though this is a fairly new company our resources are stronger than many others: 

Otto, our Safari Manager has many years experience as a driver/guide, and he know all the corners of the country.

As being a guide for more than 15 years he is practically a walking library when it comes to wildlife, but challenge him about the flora and fauna and he will surely impress you with his wide knowledge.

Together with him we have Charles, our trusted mechanic and guide, as well as a wide team of well educated and experienced driver guides.


Behind every successful company there is somebody that has to do the heavy lifting with the official work:

Frank – the solid spine of this company take care of our every challenge. His jobs are many, from managing the hotel to moping the office floor.

His long experience in the hotel industry as well as his clever skills with the official works makes us wishing he could be divided into more than one person.

Frank is a person you can meet anywhere, - organizing your arrival, managing The Lighthouse Beach Resort if that is a part of your trip, cooking some of his delicious recipes or just to check on you to make sure you are enjoying your stay.

All of the "Paka Family" have something in common – we work day and night to make sure that you are satisfied from the first time you contact us.

This is also why we have worked so hard with producing as much information for you in this website as possible and we’ll keep it forever growing.

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